East Campus

The East Campus is home to the Music Division, School of the Arts and the School of Human Development. The campus maintains a full range of equipment needed to support musical studies and performance activities.

281 Koi Kumanosho, Kitanagoya-shi, Aichi-Ken, 481-8503, JAPAN

  • 1
    Library, AV Library, other facilities
  • 2
    Ensemble rooms, recording studios, other facilities
  • 3
    Hall, string, wind, and percussion classrooms, other facilities
  • 4
    Piano lesson rooms, opera rooms, other facilities
  • 5
    Musical studios, other facilities
  • 6
    Vocal music lesson rooms
  • 7
    Music therapy lecture rooms, other facilities
  • 8
    Gymnasium, cafeteria, other facilities
  • 9
    Rehearsal rooms, other facilities
  • 10
    Childcare training rooms, other facilities
  • 11
    Sound Media lecture rooms, other facilities

West Campus

The West Campus houses the Art Division, School of Arts and Design Division, School of Arts. Surrounded by abundant natural settings, this campus features a wealth of facilities and equipment to stimulate the student's creative drive.

65 Nishinuma Tokushige, Kitanagoya-shi, Aichi-Ken, 481-8535, JAPAN

  • A
    Craft studios, other facilities
  • B
    Art & Design Center, Library, other facilities
  • C
    Metal workshops, ceramic studios
  • D
    Woodworking studios
  • E
    Glass studios
  • F
    Craft studios
  • G
    Plaster casting and sketching rooms, other facilities
  • H
    Carving and sculpture studios, other facilities
  • I
    Metal casting, stone carving, and welding shops, other facilities
  • J
    Woodcarving workshops
  • K
    Japanese painting/ printmaking studios, other facilities
  • L
  • U
    Photography studios, graphic studios, other facilities
  • X
    Dyeing studios, jewelry studios, other facilities
  • Y
    International Exchange Center
  • Z
    Western painting studios, gallery, etc.