School of the Arts - Department of the Arts

Art Division

Art Division encourages its students to acquire an eye for art and to cultivate individuality and creativity.
There are 3 courses in the division, and the students face themselves and discover their paths to choose through expression.

Japanese Painting Course

In order to perceive the true nature of an object, it is essential to approach the object respectfully. An artist’s such attitude leads to a creation of excellent works. Dissolving coloring material color by color, Japanese painting helps a creator to deepen one’s thoughts, and a long process to completion of a work would be a precious time that helps the creator to build confidence.
Interacting with unique faculty members, let’s explore your own world through creating works.

Oil Painting Course
(Oil Painting)

Looking an object carefully and drawing it is that you touch shaping of nature and something superb in nature, and that you see and sense beauty, mystique,and sublimity in daily lives and mystery preciousness, brightness and dignity of life.
In this course, students cultivate powers of observation and description that would be basis to continue productive activities for life and learn knowledge on materials and skills that is essential for artistic expression.

Oil Painting Course
(Painting and Contemporary Art)

It is not too much to say that real excellent works increase their brightness and value over as time goes by. It is artists’ raise questions to the age and find true values of the works as they consider and produce, facing the present age.
This course aims to foster artists who can present their own works confidently.

Creative Arts Practice Course
(Communication Art)

The purpose of this course is to foster human resources who are able to create a place where people can be healed and gain zest for living in communications by art. In the course, students acquire various skills in art, and they utilize them not only for their self-expressions but also for children, community, medical treatment, and social welfare.

Creative Arts Practice Course

In this course, students learn how to choose the best method to materialize images they draw in their minds. What do I want to produce? What do I need to produce it? Learning in the classes of this course starts with such questions.
When creating an idea, you need to be an artist, and when engraving a plate,you need to be an artisan. An ability to switch would be very useful upon producing pictures and three-dimensional works.

Creative Arts Practice Course

Since the dawn of history, every race of people has produced sculptures,using materials and values of the age, as representation of their cultures.
In this course, students explore timeless beauty, beauty of beings, and and an everlasting truth through “sculpture.”

Creative Arts Practice Course
(Ceramic and Glass)

This course was established to help younger generations to their own brands as artists in the future. There must be things that were not possible for predecessors or that are possible only in this age. Both clay and glass are materials that have limitless possibilities. In the course, students express what is in their heart freely and produce a work that is impossible for anybody other than himself/herself to produce.

Creative Arts Practice Course
(Art Management)

Art played an important role in the scenes of support for disaster’s victims.
Furthermore, it was proved that art can ignite a revitalization of urban and suburban areas. This course aims to train navigators who can introduce joy of art and to foster human resources who are able to contribute to connect the field of art with the society.