Art Division

Art Division encourages its students to acquire an eye for art and to cultivate individuality and creativity.
There are 6 courses in the division, and the students face themselves and discover their paths to choose through expression.

  • Japanese Painting Course

    In order to perceive the true nature of an object, it is essential to approach the object respectfully. An artist’s such attitude leads to a creation of excellent works. Dissolving coloring material color by color, Japanese painting helps a creator to deepen one’s thoughts, and a long process to completion of a work would be a precious time that helps the creator to build confidence.
    Interacting with unique faculty members, let’s explore your own world through creating works.

  • Oil Painting Course

    Looking an object carefully and drawing it is that you touch shaping of nature and something superb in nature, and that you see and sense beauty, mystique,and sublimity in daily lives and mystery preciousness, brightness and dignity of life.
    In this course, students cultivate powers of observation and description that would be basis to continue productive activities for life and learn knowledge on materials and skills that is essential for artistic expression.

  • Contemporary Art Course

    Students in this course aim to acquire advanced, specialized, and systematic knowledge and skill involved in art and art work production. As they study the history of art through the present and acquire a broad range of techniques, students confront the “now” to develop a set of values as artists that, based on the production process for countless works of art, will serve as the jumping off point for their future. In addition, students also study production, management, and other methodologies, and grow into independent, creative human resources through attendance at guest lectures and by planning exhibits at the on-campus gallery. Moreover, as students incorporate means of expression from different fields in a complex manner in order to search out the best path to their future, they also nurture the capability to steadfastly pursue and move towards their own ideal goals.

  • Communication Art Course

    This course nurtures creators that can link people together through the power of art and that can perform “craftsmanship” in a way that addresses the needs of society. As they come into contact with various materials and study various means of expression, including sculpture, 3D modeling, figure art, doll production, printing, and flat art, students acquire modeling skills and creativity. In addition, students refine their sensibilities while extending their own individuality through encounters with many creators and works of art. Students also actively hold exhibitions, workshops, and extramural art projects to refine their practical skills, and thereby expand their vision, gain an awareness of their involvement in society, and develop communications skills. Each student discovers their own potential for art as they aim to become professional creators that can help make for a richer society after their graduation.

  • Arts and Crafts Course

    The sensation of touching ceramics and the thrill of hotly shimmering glass forms are born from real experiences, and the truth of such cannot be discussed without a sense of reality. Both ceramics and glass are materials with a charm that can address any kind of expression, from the objects that are closely tied to our every day lives, like containers and stained glass, to works of art. Students in this course study a variety of techniques used to form ceramics, including hand-building, turning, and molding, and to form glass, including blowing, grinding, and casting. At the same time, students leverage the properties of these materials and confront a character that changes throughout the production process as they usher in their own unique world of expression. Through repeated in-depth discusses over the ways in which they should realize their thoughts and feelings, students pursue self-expression and discover methods of connecting to the world as they continuously question the meaning of hand-made in today’s increasingly digital environment.

  • Comprehensive Art Course

    During the first year of this course, students experience various expressive techniques through the shared “Foundation” curriculum in the Fine Arts Department, and can also choose several specialized practical skills from other courses. Students can study a wide range of fine arts concepts and basic skills in painting, sculpting, printing, and arts and crafts, among others, which allows them to pursue their future path, their desires, and their potential. During the second year and beyond, students can shift to one of the specialized courses, which enables them to study knowledge and skills focused on a specific field, or remain in the Comprehensive Art Course, which enables them to select the skills and knowledge they wish to obtain from a variety of specialized courses in the Fine Arts Department. This latter option allows students to work towards becoming creators that can exhibit their unique potential.