School of Education, Department of Children's Studies

The purpose of the department is to foster educators/nursery teachers who can devote themselves for children’s growth and development with mental stability.

Point of Study #1

To foster professionals who promote and support children’s development from infancy to childhood.

The purpose of the department is to foster educators/nursery teachers, and students can earn Class-1 Teacher’s License for Elementary School, Class-1 Teacher’s License for Kindergarten, and Nursery Teacher’s License.

Point of Study #2

To cultivate one’s specialty in seminars from the 1st (freshman) year.

In order to allow students to learn/study independently, the department offers specialty seminars in six different fields, including “Basic Seminar” for the 1st (freshman) and 2nd (sophomore) year students, “Child Education Seminar” for the 3rd (junior) and 4th (senior) year students, etc. The students acquire professional skills in their fields of specialty. Furthermore, students learn joy of pursuing specific studies and cultivate problem solving abilities and presentation skills through “seminar activities” where students study together with other students.

Point of Study #3

To cultivate practical skills through teaching/nursing practice and exchange with people in the local community.

Cooperation between parents and local community is essential for healthy growth of children. Through hundreds of days of teaching/nursing practice or internship activities, students cultivate high-quality practical skills.

Point of Study #4

To cultivate enriched heart on campuses with full of music and art.

The university is an integrated arts university where there is always full of arts. In addition to concerts and exhibitions on campuses, the university holds special lectures such as “Creative Culture Seminar,” etc., inviting creators such as juvenile literature writers, movie directors, etc., who are active in the front lines, as guest lecturer. By experiencing a variety of fields, students cultivate sensitivity to feel empathy with children and skills to bring out and develop potential of children.

Greeting from the Dean

  • Tetsuo Mizoguchi,

    Dean of the School of Human Development

Child nursing/education is a job to develop children’s young and fresh sensibility and to nourish their creativity and intelligence. In order to do so, I devoutly hope teachers themselves to have rich sensitivity towards beauty in nature and daily lives, and to be full of brimming with curiosity towards mystique of the world. The School of Human Development, Nagoya University of the Arts is a part of an arts university, which is unusual even at the nationwide level, and its environment is ideal for every one of the students to cultivate one’s sensibility, to deepen intellectual interest in one’s field of specialty, and to learn knowledge and skills to become an elementary school teacher, kindergarten teacher, or nursery school teacher. In such environment, we, faculty members of the school, kindly help students who hesitate over which career to choose to decide on their careers and grow, and we will fully support realization of their dreams. Why don’t you study with us in the environment rich in aroma of the arts for four years.