Graduate Schools

  • Graduate School of Music

    In order to master advanced performance skills and expressiveness, 4 years of undergraduate study is definitely not sufficient. After having finished undergraduate studies is rather the best time to acquire true artistry based on the skills cultivated in the undergraduate studies. At the Graduate School of Music, teachers coach each of their student privately, and the students explore deeper musical expression.

  • Graduate School of Art

    Based on the production techniques and molding ideas cultivated in undergraduate studies, students explore deeper arts. The school offers curriculum that allows students to acquire advanced specialty and to study widely across the fields.

  • Graduate School of Design

    Based on the design education in undergraduate studies, students aim to acquire knowledge and skills to engage advanced professional skills. The school’s idea and purpose is to foster competent human resources who can lead the field of design of the next generation globally.

  • Graduate School of Human Development

    Purpose of the school is to foster advanced and specialized professionals who has abilities to dig up and explore subjects by themselves and practical knowledge and skills to solve problems in the fields of early childhood and elementary education.