About the region / city

Aichi Prefecture

Aichi Prefecture is located almost right in the center of Japan, with the Pacific Ocean to its south, Mie Prefecture to its west, Gifu Prefecture to its North, Nagano Prefecture to its northeast, and Shizuoka Prefecture to its east. The climate is mild throughout the year, raining more in summer and less in winter. While the Atsumi Peninsula and the southern part of the Chita Peninsula are warm because of the Kuroshio Current, the mountainous area in the northeast is rather cool and experiences a considerable variation in temperature. Mountain ranges including the Ibuki Mountains, Yoro Mountains, and Suzuka Mountains stretch from the northwest to the west of the Nobi Plain, and there, snow falls in the winter from the continental seasonal winds. Also known for its prosperity in “production” of products including automobiles and airplanes, Aichi Prefecture takes 3rd place in the country for its gross prefectural production, after Tokyo and Osaka Prefecture.

Kitanagoya City

Kitanagoya City is located in the northwestern part of Aichi Prefecture, adjacent to the northern part of Nagoya City, making it easy to access to the urban center of the prefecture. The city was created in March 2006, with the merge of what were once the towns of Shikatsu and Nishiharu. The population of the region has grown rapidly since the 1960s, evolving from being an urban agricultural area in the metropolitan suburbs to being a city with housing, business, and industry. It is particularly highly convenient in terms of transportation, with the Meitetsu Inuyama Line running through the heart of the city in the north and south, the Nagoya Station within a 15-minute distance, and the Nagoya Airfield also located nearby. Not only are the Nagoya Expressway and National Highway Route No. 22 available within the city, but there are also the Meishin Expressway and major national highways in the city’s periphery.